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At Valley Grace Dental, we adapt all your treatments and services to address your children’s needs. Everything about our dental clinic, including our pediatric care specialists, our dental clinic’s general environment, and our specialized preventative care services are specifically customized to ensure children and teenagers feel welcome and safe. Call us today to learn more about our child dentistry services and schedule your appointment with our pediatric dentist in Bakersfield, California,.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with diagnosing and treating dental health problems in children. Pediatric dentists carefully examine your children’s teeth and oral habits to ensure their permanent teeth erupt properly without overcrowding, malocclusion, etc. Pediatric dentists also modify traditional treatments, like cleanings and fillings, to make them less frightening for children. They have specialized training in identifying and treating dental problems associated primarily with children, such as dental caries in milk teeth. Furthermore, pediatric dentists must educate children on the best oral hygiene habits, inculcate the value of dental care, and help them break poor oral habits, such as thumb-sucking.

Dental Concerns:

Teething Concerns

Children must start developing baby teeth at the appropriate time, allowing them to be weaned onto solid foods. Teething concerns, such as the late eruption of baby teeth or the improper development of jaws, necessitate pediatric intervention.


Malocclusion is a condition wherein the upper and lower teeth don’t meet properly when you close your jaws, leading to speech problems, eating problems, teeth grinding, etc. Malocclusion often develops in the transitory phase between the baby teeth and permanent teeth, with the new teeth coming out in a misaligned or improper manner. Early intervention allows pediatric dentists to ensure optimal occlusion and bite when the teeth and jaws are highly malleable.

Dental Decay

Parents often wonder if they need to care for their children’s baby teeth considering they’ll fall out eventually anyway. However, the baby teeth are crucial placeholders because they set the jaws to ensure the permanent teeth come out properly. Unfortunately, baby teeth are highly susceptible to decay and dental caries, exposing the inner pulp to bacterial infections. Pediatric dentists inculcate healthy oral hygiene habits to minimize the risk of gum disease, and they treat issues like cavities, gingivitis, etc.

Poor Habits

Habits like thumb-sucking and mouth breathing can have serious consequences, such as tongue thrust (tongue protrusion while speaking), crooked teeth, bad breath, gum disease, and facial growth problems. Pediatric dentists are specially trained to help children break away from these poor oral habits, ensuring they have a smooth and healthy development.

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Pediatric Treatments

  • Teeth cleanings to prevent bacterial infection.
  • Dental sealants to cover the ridges and grooves in the molars and premolars, minimizing the risk of bacterial decay.
  • Emergency examinations to identify and treat sudden toothaches and other dental emergencies.
  • Painless extractions of rotten teeth, loosened baby teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, etc.
  • Tooth-colored and metal-free dental fillings to protect against bacterial decay.
  • Mouthguards to protect the teeth from trauma or habits like teeth grinding.
  • Nightguards to protect the teeth from the damage caused by nighttime bruxism, i.e., teeth grinding at night.
  • Oral sedation to ensure optimal comfort during treatments.
  • Counseling to help children overcome unhealthy oral habits, like thumb-sucking and mouth breathing.
  • Education of optimal oral hygiene, including information on brushing teeth, flossing, etc.

Pediatric Dentistry at Valley Grace Dental

At Valley Grace Dental, we have specifically outfitted our clinic to be inviting, calm, and friendly, ensuring children feel welcome and safe. We’re committed to breaking the unhealthy assumption that a visit to the dental clinic must be frightening. Our children’s dentist in Bakersfield and friendly dental staff adapt all treatments and services to ensure your children have a smooth, painless, and comfortable dental experience.

Most dental clinics take a reactive approach to dental care — they treat dental issues when they arise. However, we use the latest cutting-edge diagnostic tools and techniques to proactively identify the smallest signs of dental problems, allowing us to nip them in the bud before they harm your child’s oral health. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your children comfortably transition from baby teeth to adult teeth, carrying a full set of pearly whites into adulthood without concerns.

Please schedule an appointment to discuss your pediatric care options today.